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Newton's First Law of Motion rap song

You might need to copy and paste!


Breakout EDU

The kids did a project with Mr. Charltray where they had to solve math problems in order to get codes which would open a box at each station. When they were finished they "broke out," of the game. The idea of Breakout EDU is to support critical thinking skills, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Using special mirrors to teach about symmetry...ask your child about it!


Soda and Mentos....what is going to happen?

Reader's Workshop

This week, as readers, the kids are learning that they need to check on their comprehension and notice when it is breaking down. They have already become longer and stronger readers. We also did some book talks, suggestions, both verbally and in written form. The kids wrote about their reading and made formal book recommendations that we hung on the wall. The recommendations are a great resource for anyone that can't find something to read!


Writer's Workshop

Yesterday and today the kids were brainstorming people in their lives, with whom they spent enough time, to write stories about their adventures. They did some planning first and then picked one of the events to write about, we had some great success!

Playing Target Number...a very strategy based game


Supply List

Dear parents and students,
I hope you have enjoyed the summer. As we get closer to the first day of school I wanted to give you a list of supplies that would be helpful to have the first week. I am looking forward to seeing the kids on the first day of school. Have a great last few weeks!

__1 dozen sharpened pencils and a pencil sharpener
__ 1 set of markers- broad and/or fine
__1 set of colored pencils
__6 or more- Dry Erase Markers
__1 pair of scissors
__2 large glue sticks
__1 storage container for your supplies- spacemakers/plastic supply box  
__1 (2” capacity) 3-ring binder * please label the above items clearly with your name
__2 composition notebooks (the kind with the cardboard/marbled cover)
__5 notebook dividers- the kind with the write on tabs works best
__5 or more pads of medium (3”x3”) post it notes
__ 1 box of tissues
__ 2 or more containers of disinfecting wipes
__ 1 roll of paper towels
__ Set of headphones
__ 1 box of clear sheet protectors- at least 25
__ 1 sturdy binder for a take-home folder

**For math homework you will need to have the following items at home: 1 protractor- 1 ruler marked in centimeters and eighths or sixteenth inches -1 calculator