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Green Homes

What a journey this has been. I am sorry it has taken so long to put some pictures up on the blog. These kids are amazing and the things they have learned and created are fantastic. We will continue to work on this project for the next few months and then the kids will present their green homes to you! Here are a few pictures that might be conversation starters...


Motion and Design

Our unit on motion and design is a lot of fun. It is both a unit that teaches how things move using different forces but it is a unit that encourages the kids to learn teamwork. The kids also learn how to take data and organize it. After the experiments, we talk about what the data shows and what we have learned from the information. This class is amazing!

Writing 5 paragraph essays

In writing, we are working on learning the structure of a 5 paragraph essay. The folders you will see in these pictures are a place for the kids to put "evidence" that supports their thesis. Each folder is for a different supporting statement.


Today we were learning Tinkercad... We will use our new knowledge of Newton's laws of motion to build a 3d Boat

We created Tinkercad accounts, if you would like to have your child work on his/her boat at home you can log in as well at


Newton's First Law of Motion rap song

You might need to copy and paste!


Breakout EDU

The kids did a project with Mr. Charltray where they had to solve math problems in order to get codes that would open a box at each station. When they were finished they "broke out," of the game. The idea of Breakout EDU is to support critical thinking skills, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Using special mirrors to teach about symmetry...ask your child about it!


Soda and Mentos....what is going to happen?

Reader's Workshop

This week, as readers, the kids are learning that they need to check on their comprehension and notice when it is breaking down. They have already become longer and stronger readers. We also did some book talks, suggestions, both verbally and in written form. The kids wrote about their reading and made formal book recommendations that we hung on the wall. The recommendations are a great resource for anyone that can't find something to read!