Arts Day 2017

What an amazing day, this was the most successful Arts Day that I have seen so far. Not only did the kids seem happy, we had some great products to take home.


Starting to build rooms with the Arckit

It has been amazing this week to have the kids start to build a room of the house they have planned. Watching them walk the tiles in the room and hallway to check and make sure their furniture fits has shown great learning. Take a look at some of the success the kids have had!

Creating poems about Maine

Yesterday we were working to learn about the many recreational activities that we do in Maine during the different seasons. When we finished with our activities we made poems.

Need vs. Want

What do you need in a home?

We spent a long time today talking about what people NEED vs. WANT in a home. A kitchen, for example, is a need in a home. Do we all need a swimming pool? Believe it or not, that is debatable with a few of the kids! They were drawing homes today to represent a building that would house a family of four. As your child about what they put into their house that was needed vs. the things that were simply a want.

Analyzing Poetry

Analyzing poems can be hard for fourth graders, over the next few weeks we will read and analyze different poems. Today we were comparing and contrasting fireflies and stars.

Starting our Project Based Learning

This week we are starting a unit on Green Homes, we are looking at different houses and talking about why they have different features. Today we specifically focused on grass as insulation for a roof.

Working with the kindergarteners

Last Friday we started to work with our new reading buddies in Mrs. Rioux's room. The kids had to plan out what they would read, how long it would take to read it, and how to help their buddies.

State of Maine- 16 counties

On Tuesday we started to learn about the 16 counties in Maine and where they are located. We used a puzzle to help us learn. I took the puzzle and dumped it out on the rug and put the kids into 5 groups. They had to work as a team to put it together. The first time it took 12 minutes and the second time it was only 4! We also started to learn the 16 counties song.